This program is by far the BEST Investment I've ever made in my physical wellness!

"Dr. Mac's wellness program has CHANGED my life! I feel and look AMAZING! I've lost 20 pounds since April and have gone on 3 vacations since beginning the program. I mention the vacations because I have completely fallen off the wagon with "diets" during vacations in the past. With Dr. Mac's program, I have TRULY adapted a "lifestyle" change that covers me on vacation!! The most I've gained during vacation is 2 pounds (and that was REALLY enjoying myself on vacation). I wore a dress yesterday that I haven't worn in at least 16 years! The reason I still had the dress is it is my FAVORITE piece of clothing EVER! I don't think I ever really expected to wear it again, but thanks to Dr. Mac and my commitment to health and wellness, I wore it! My husband told me that I look better in it NOW! I bought the dress in 1994. I am looking forward to continuing my journey. This program is by far the BEST investment I've ever made in my physical wellness. THANKS, DR. MAC!"

- C. Van Horn

"I am a diabetic. A mutual friend referred me to Dr. Mac. His lifestyle medicine, taught me how to eat healthy, and take control of my activities. My weight is at its lowest, and my A1C dropped since working with Dr. Mac. I am determined to get off most, if not all medication."

- Brenda M.

"I am extremely pleased with the progress I've made under Dr. Mac's therapy, guidance and recommendations regarding improvement in my health, weight loss and physical fitness. I feel so much better that I highly recommend his program to whomever I talk to. Thanks SO much!"

- M. Z.

"I was looking for a healthier lifestyle for my family. I've tried fad diets before - they don't work. I like Dr. Mac’s holistic approach to an overall healthier lifestyle. When I changed my eating habits and exercise routines, I shredded unwanted pounds. Losing weight is a side effect to a healthier lifestyle. My husband, daughter and I have lost a total of over 60 pounds!"

- Twayna W.

"Dr. Mac is the first doctor who makes, me feel confident that he knows, lives, and believes in what he practices (natural medicine). Dr. Mac and Collette are warm and caring - “good people”! I highly recommend Dr. Mac to you if you are serious about a healthier, happier life into your golden years. I’m feeling the most alive that I have felt in a very long time."

- Sheila K.

"My experience with Dr. Mac's Wellness Center has been phenomenal! I’m starting to feel like my younger self, with more energy! I can move more freely, pain free, and I don’t feel stiff any more. Dr. Mac and his wife Collette are kind, welcoming and always make me feel special. I am empowered with knowledge and life style changes for me and my family to continue on our journey to Wellness. I highly recommend attending one of Dr. Mac's free seminars for a life changing experience!"

- Sharon M.

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