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There are thousands of people in Woodbridge, struggling with health, wellness and weight loss. Most have tried just about everything with little long term success. If you stop and think about it … is losing weight a one size fits all thing? At Dr. Mac's Wellness & Weight Loss Center we realize that every patient is different, and we work hard to make sure you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Welcome to Dr. Mac's Wellness & Weight Loss Center

Our Mission: is to be a helping hand to all those seeking to transform their lives, regain their health, and prevent pre-mature aging! Using lifestyle as medicine to heal the body, relieve pain, and prevent chronic disease. Our goal is to teach our practice members to MAXIMIZE THEIR GOD GIVEN POTENTIAL FOR HEAL & WELLNESS using LIFESTYLE AS MEDICINE!

Stress, Hormones Imbalances, and Diet are the TRUE cause of BELLYFAT and Obesity. And Obesity brings increased risk for other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer or even stroke. There’s no better time than right now to make changes to your current lifestyle. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but the changes that will impact you will also make a huge difference for your famly.

Please click the Seminars button to sign-up for our next FREE introductory seminar date. Or, fill out one of the forms on our website or call us directly – we will get a time scheduled for you as soon as possible. Get ready to make the changes that will make begin the process of transforming your life, and healing your body!

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